Velveteen Rabbit

by Born in a Taxi

Commissioned by Monash University Performing Arts Centres

Lights! Camera! Action!

The toys are making a film and the audience are the extras. Layered
with live video projections, Melbourne theatre company Born in a Taxi,
thoughtfully and hilariously reimagines this 100 year old children’s
story by Margery Williams. Please bring your own favourite snuggly toy
to the show!

This is a show where the toys are in charge on stage and your own
special guest toy is a VIP.
One of those rare stories that dares to tease out complex themes of
loss and love in a way that allows children to connect with them, The
Velveteen Rabbit is about a toy rabbit who becomes real…but how did
it happen?
In the hands of Born in a Taxi, the story is infused with dynamic
audience participation, music, live stream video and projections,
creating multiple scales to give the audience the perspective of a
child. Playful, visual and poetic.
A must-see for families and anyone who has ever cherished a beloved toy