One Fell Swoop circus
Long spools of white rope run through pulley sheaves and wrap around bodies, explicitly connecting the artists’ movements above and off the ground. Like the booms and sheets of a sailing ship the performers are hoisted and swung by one another to create striking tableaux and breath-taking dynamics. The actions of one acrobat affect and implicate the movements of others in a precise negotiation of cause and effect.
By a Thread offers rich visuals of inventive aerial acrobatics from some of Australia’s best emerging circus artists. With intense training in a breadth of contemporary circus disciplines, the performers have pooled their knowledge and skills, and then exploded the traditional boundaries of these disciplines to create a show where classic techniques are used in expansive ways.

Created by
Ela Bartilomo, Sarah Berrell, Emily Chilvers, Ryan Darwin, Amanda Lee, Jonathan Morgan, Hamish Norris, Jordan O’Brien and Charice Rust

Directed by Jonathan Morgan and Charice Rust

Lighting Design by AfterDark Theatre
Sound Design by Lee Stout
Costume Design by Emily Barrie
Photos and videography by Aaron Walker Photography

Running time 50mins – full technical requirements available on request