One fell swoop circus

Using nine metre arcs of rolled steel Kilter is circus on the knife-edge of equilibrium. Inspired by the mechanics of circus itself the new work from acclaimed One Fell Swoop Circus features never before seen apparatus, award- winning acrobatics and live music performed by Melbourne’s violinist beatsmith, ORCHA.
ORCHA’s universe of unique sounds, made entirely by the violin, and the poetry in motion of One Fell Swoop Circus takes a fresh look at the intersection of science and art.
Kilter is an outdoor circus and light installation piece that takes over your venueand transforms it into a living installation made of light sculpture, arcs of rolled steel, and the hauntingly beautiful music of ORCHA.
“The central idea of the work comes from how you stand on a rope – you don’t balance yourself over it –
you pull the rope underneath you. You don’t find your balance, you fight for it, continuously.”
“We love this physical manifestation of unstable equilibrium and think it speaks beautifully of what it’s like to move through life – one step at a time,” explains Director and company co-founder, Jonathan Morgan.

Running times are flexible – full technical requirements available on request