The trojan war

By a slightly isolated dog
Following the success of DON JUAN & JEKYLL & HYDE, this is our third piece in the trilogy. These explosive & hilarious works use a cast of faux-French performers to create a joyful interactive celebration. Theatrical magic, wicked pop songs & explosive wit is combined to create a delightful romp through a twisted classic tale, where the audience plays along.
We have brought this same interactivity we have in our theatre shows into the virtual creation process & performance. This project continues to build a body of online material to explore and expand the relationship between the company & our audience. We have not only worked with the community to find the story of our new show but have enlisted them to create the material with us from the safety of their self-isolated bubbles.
The Trojan War tells the story of Troy and its tragic fall. It is an explosive & joyous celebration of our ridiculous lives: using this classic tale of gods and heroes to playfully explore questions around the current chaos of our times.

Performers: Andrew Paterson, Brynley Stent, Ravi Gurunathan, Cherie Moore, Jonathan Price
Sound Design / Operator: Sam Clavis
Design: Nati Pereira
Director: Leo Gene Peters

“…legendary storytelling riddled with witty anachronisms, audience interaction and entirely voluntary participation, immediate love stories juxtaposed with the mythologised ones, wacky props and costumes, mind-bending metaphysics, fabulous physicality, sublime singing and superb sound effects.”

“Overall the deceptively casual yet energetic, apparently random yet astutely purposeful and comical yet tragical performance of the whole ensemble creates a dynamic 70 minutes of superbly executed live theatre.”