Werk It!

Circus Trick Tease

From the people who brought you ‘Neon’ and ‘Can’t Face’, ‘Werk It’ is an all-new, late-night, high-energy, acrobatic comedy romp.Celebrating spandex, high-vis, vitality and vigour – they received nightly standing ovations on their debut season. Combining never seen before acrobatic feats and jaw dropping skill, this show was the buzz of Adelaide.It’s the low carb love-child of a tradie, a spin instructor and a cross-fit fiend. ‘Werk It’ is a riot of colour and movement – big tricks delivered by an all-star cast with more sass and swagger than a TLC videoclip.Featuring outrageous circus by Australia’s hottest acrobats, including award-winning Vincent van Berkel (Can’t Face), hula hoop sensation Lisa Lottie (Neon), manipulation idol Richard Sullivan (Jugg Life), real life strong woman Cassia Jamieson (NICA) and fierce as hell Malia Walsh (Circus Trick Tease).Circus Trick Tease create circus shows that are equal parts skill, thrill and comedy. This over-the-top ensemble will be hip thrusting their way into an Aerobics Oz Style fever dream all night long!

“ Circus acrobatic masterpiece of sass.”- All About Entertainment (Adelaide)

For further Information contact
Derek Bailey, Associate Agent.  0412 174 746

Return Season coming soon to Adelaide Fringe 2021 Feb 19 to March 21, 2021